Items are helpful collectibles that you can get in the mirage world to help you take out enemies or survive their onslaught. All items make you stronger in one aspect, and some hinder you in another in a trade-off fashion. Items activate passively and do not require to be manually activated, except a few items which are activated by performing regular actions like dodging. You can see all the items you have equipped at all times on the left side of the screen beneath your character's current stats and in the Inventory screen. You can only have four items active at one time, so you must choose what items you take into the fight wisely.

From the moment you pick an item up, whether you have it equipped or it's sitting in your Backpack untouched, this item can no longer spawn from Chests or Shops, meaning you cannot get two identical items. If you have an item on your weapon as a bonus item, that item can still spawn, but equipping two of the same item does not double the effects of the item: only one will take effect. If you own a merged item, you can only own one of the two components, and the other cannot appear as long as the first is in your Inventory. A maximum of two of the components can spawn if the item requires three specific items to create.

Many debuff-inducing items are less effective on elite enemies and bosses.

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